2 – 100 Gallon Fuel Tank Skid by Boss Trailers

Better fuel efficiency is something every business owner should strive for. With easier fueling potential comes greater productivity, less downtime, and less stress for your workers. Farm life can be tough, and you need any tool you can that makes working the fields a bit easier. 

Boss Trailers 350-gallon fuel trailer tanks are the ideal solution for small to medium farms, vineyards, or agricultural businesses that want to become more fuel-efficient. 


  • 2 – 100 Gal. Smooth Plate Tanks
  • 10 Ga. Thick Smooth Plate Floor & Sidewalls
  • 49″W X 62″D Skid w/Fork Pockets
  • 1″ Fittings In Front Towards Center On Bottom Of Each Tank
  • 1″ Drain In The Back Centered
  • Fuel Gauge On Top Of Each Tank
  • 2″ Fill Port On Top Of Each Tank w/Ventable Cap
  • Sherwin-Williams Onecure Zinc Epoxy Primer w/Powdura Polyester TGIC Top Coat
  • Industrial Charcoal Gray Colo

Easy to Haul 

With a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,200 pounds, you can hitch your 350-gallon fuel trailer to a variety of vehicles for easy and convenient fuel transport. The 350-gallon smooth-plate tank has a fuel gauge directly on top and built-on H brackets for simple hose storage. 

Thanks to a strong suspension system, Dexter axles, and radial tires, Boss trailers are made for rugged terrains and smooth, easy handling.

High-Quality Materials

We only use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology to manufacture our fuel tank trailers. Our 350-gallon fuel tank is no different; built from durable steel plate, it can withstand exposure to the elements and chemicals with ease. 

The application of Sherwin-Williams Onecure Zinc Epoxy Primer and Powdura Polyester TGIC Top Coat ensure your trailer is well-protected from rain, hail, and storms.

Tested by Experts 

Before your trailer is handed off to you, we run it through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest performance standards. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. With technology baking our tests, we can put each trailer through Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure their durability. SPC is the gold-standard of fuel tank trailer pressure testing. We check for a tight seal and ensure there are no pinhole leaks that could cost you money and fuel in the long run. 

Every other part of the trailer is also tested to ensure it works exactly as it’s designed to and won’t easily break through daily use.

Fuel Transportation Uses

While the 350-gallon tank is often used in farm practices, it also has applications in construction and development, transportation and logistics.

You might invest in a fuel tank trailer for everyday use, or you could get it as a backup to ensure your equipment always has access to fuel when it needs it. 

If you’re looking for a portable, reliable long-term fuel storage solution, you can count on Boss Trailers. We’ll create a personalized 350-gallon fuel tank that’s ideal for your industry and needs.

Benefits of a Fuel Tank Trailer

    • Fuel Protection — Don’t run the risk of losing precious fuel to spills, sloshing, or weather exposure. With our 350-gallon fuel tank, you can keep diesel safe and ensure you get every penny’s worth of power. 
    • Portability — Unlike a stationary tank that requires equipment to be moved and attached to it, a Boss Trailer allows you to hitch your tank to your vehicle and transport it wherever you need it. 
    • Maximized Productivity — Without the need to stop operations and refuel, workers can perform their jobs better and ensure they’re able to meet deadlines without fuel disruptions. 
    • Ease of Use — Our tank trailers are simple and straightforward by design. We want them to be easy to fuel and go. Sometimes, fuel storage solutions lead to more complications, but a Boss trailer is built for convenience and reliability. 

Get the Fuel Transportation Your Business Needs With Boss Trailers

We make it easy for business owners, farmers, and anyone else in need of fuel transport to get exactly what they’re looking for. Our team is always available to answer questions and help you get the perfect trailer for your business.

The team at Boss Trailers wants to help you save time and money while optimizing your fleet. When you work with us, we’ll go through a three-step process to get your 350-gallon tank trailer ready for action:

    • Consultation: When you contact us, we’ll arrange a consultation with a Boss Trailers product specialist to learn more about your business and needs. From there, we’ll match you with a personalized solution.
    • Choose Your Features: Customize your 350-gallon tank with a solar panel, spare tire mount, front platform rails, and more. We will help you pick the right features for your needs.
    • Save Money: A Boss Trailer is an investment that pays you back in both time and money. With greater efficiency, you can lower operating costs and produce work faster without increasing stress on your employees. 

Contact us today to learn more about getting your own 350-gallon tank trailer! We’re ready to help you power up your fuel strategy.

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